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Avoid Buyer’s Fatigue in a Seller’s Market

Avoid Buyer’s Fatigue in a Seller’s Market

Posted In Uncategorized at July 3, 2021

While the Denver market is still hot, there may be relief for homebuyers on the horizon.

After an intense, exhaustive year of house hunting in this super competitive market, many buyers are suffering from buyer fatigue.

Buyer fatigue is a symptom experienced when hopeful buyers have invested numerous hours on the prowl for a new home, attending dozens of open houses and seeing many of their competitive offers denied. After a while, one can feel disenchanted, and disappointed in the journey to homeownership.

As buyer’s fatigue begins to settle in, many once hopeful folks have started to pause on their house hunt equating to less competition than you might have experienced in the last year! Now might just be the right time to dive back in and make a winning offer.

One valuable resource is having the right team in your corner, from an experienced realtor to efficient, trusted professionals working on your home loan, from application to close. Feeling the buyer’s blues? Here are a few tips to give you the edge in this market.

  • Connect with a mortgage specialist: The first, crucial step in the home buying process is to select a lender and get pre-approved. This initial step allows you to know your budget and helps you narrow down the inventory you’re looking to explore. Lenders can help guide you through the current market with your individual needs in mind.
  • Work with an experienced real estate professional: Select an agent who has an understanding of navigating the current market and supporting their clients in writing winning offers. Start by interviewing them first, check references, or connect with agents who friends and family have had a positive experience with. Oftentimes, your lender will have a close knit community of agents they can recommend.
  • Consider your dream home wishlist thoroughly: If you’ve had several offers declined in the past, consider reevaluating your wishlists. Explore beyond familiar, preferred neighborhoods, and consider looking for homes that highlight your non-negotiables first, while some other amenities take a lesser priority.

Connect today and let’s get you into your dream home!