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Affordable Weekend Getaways in Colorado

Affordable Weekend Getaways in Colorado

Posted In Holidays, Lifestyle at September 28, 2021

Affordable Weekend Getaways in Colorado

Who doesn’t love a fun, budget friendly weekend getaway? Sometimes homeownership can lead to tied-up funds, whether it’s because of a mortgage payment, repairs, remodels, and the list goes on. Don’t scratch the idea of a fun weekend getaway off your list of things to do though! While Colorado might not be the first place on people’s minds, as some spots can be quite costly, we want to highlight a few of our favorite, affordable places to check out!


If you’re driving from Denver, then the cost of gas that’s a part of the six-hour drive will likely be your biggest cost. If you’re in the Telluride or Pagosa Springs area, then it’s a quicker drive and what we think is the perfect distance! Once you’re in Durango, there are a ton of cheap and even free places to pitch your tent and cast your trusty ‘ole fishing line.

Estes Park

This beautiful location is a quick hour and a half drive from Denver. There’s affordable lodging year round making this a perfect destination, although you may find it best to book in advance to lock in those prices. If you’re outdoorsy, there’s also the option to camp in the Rocky Mountain National Park. And if you’re looking to take a break from nature, you can visit Estes Park’s cute downtown area. There are a variety of  little shops and dining options and even a Taffy Shop with all kinds of fun flavor to satiate your sweet tooth.


Usually not the first on the list of affordable places in Colorado, but it all just depends on what time of the year you decide to visit this mountain town. Peak One Campground in White River National Forest is a popular favorite amongst weekend getaway travelers. If you’re visiting in the winter season, you can skip the ski lift pass and score a trail pass with snowshoe rental, which is just a quarter of the price of a ski pass but just as fun!


Steamboat Springs

While Steamboat is known for being an incredible ski resort, you’ll probably want to try to visit this place during the summer so that you can take advantage of the off-season prices. There’s affordable camping offered at Steamboat Lake State Park or Stagecoach State Park with insanely gorgeous views. Hiking and biking trails can be found throughout the area, which can free up some funds to splurge on a pass to visit the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Or better yet, take a wintery soak in the warm Hot Springs with the snow-capped hills in the background.


We hope you enjoy your Colorado weekend getaway, no matter where you end up!